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Welcome to site - a place where you can play the best flash games ever created. we bring you the best flash arcade games on the planet. The collection allready including online shooting games, arcade free games, racing car games, online war games, online puzzle games, casino games, fighting games, dress up games, skill games and allready contains more than 3000+ games. Updated every day with new exciting flash games.

All our flash games have been placed in the most relevant categories so you can easily find your favourites. Our selection of free flash games will keep you hooked for hours. So, take a look around, play the games you like and let me know about a game you'd like to see here. Have fun!

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Play go stop puzzle
go stop puzzle Target: clear all the cards from the board! No card left--- 3 stars, 1 card left--- 2 stars, 2 cards left- -- 1 star, more than 2 cards left -- try again! - Click cards with one number higher or one lower than the card at the bottom of the screen.The highest card number is 12, which can be followed up by number 1. - Bomb cards can be kept aside for use at a later moment. You can get them by playing, or you can buy them in the shop. - Click the undo button to undo your last move. 游戏目标-尽可能消除掉桌面上的所有卡牌! 没有卡牌剩余 --- 你可以得到3个星 剩余1张卡牌--- 你可以得到2个星 剩余2张卡牌--- 你可以得到1个星 剩余更多的卡牌 -- 你必须重新再来一遍! - 点击卡牌的时候,必须是连着的数字,比如你的卡牌是4,你可以点击3 或者 4的卡牌!如果是1的话,可以连12或者2. 这个卡牌一共12个数字,代表每一个月分! - 炸弹道具可以变成指定的卡牌,你可以在商店里买到炸弹道具! - 退步按钮可以倒退一步! 게임목표: 화투장을 연결해서 없애면 됩니다. 남은 화투0장 --- 3개별을 딸수 있습니다. 남은 화투1장 --- 2개별을 딸수 있습니다. 남은 화투2장 --- 1개별을 딸수 있습니다. 화투3장 넘으면 게임을 다시해야 합니다. - 카드를 연결하려면 자기 화투장보다 하나차이가 나야 합니다. 예를 들면 내카드가 5번이면 4와 6을 연결하실수 있습니다. 그리고 화투가 1이면 12와 2을 연결하실수 있습니다. - 폭탄아이템은 카드 수자를 바꿀수 있습니다. - 뒤로 가기 버튼은 뒤로 한번 가실수 있습니다.
Play Blackjack Master
Blackjack Master It is a Blackjack simulator. Try to score higher than the house to win. If you score higher than 21 you lose. Jack, Queen and King score 10. Axis can score 1 or 11.

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Play Hidden Stars-Nighty Beauty
Hidden Stars-Nighty Beauty Hidden Stars-Nighty Beauty is a point and click type hidden star game from hiddenogames. It is a really good online find hidden objects game. You need to find stars by their shimmer! Find all the hidden stars in the Nighty Beauty pictures within the time duration to get a high score. 30 seconds from your will be reduced for each 10 wrong click. It is not that easy, but fun. Have fun!
Play Burglar House Escape
Burglar House Escape This is the 119th escape game designed by for a valentine's day. Assume that you are a diligent two wheeler mechanic in your city and life goes on smoothly for you till a rich student amy sets eyes on you. The infatuation reaches a dangerous level when she coaxes you to take her from the constraint of her family, who have other plans about her future. Being a naive person you are hesitantly yields to her charm and you guys run away to nearby city. Your childhood friend helps you in their hour of crisis and united you in marriage. But amy's family dotes on her and is not going to give up so easily. The family tracks down the couple and eventually separates you people. Amy agrees to marry another man to save your life after you have been beaten by her father. While she believes this decision is best and moves to her house with her father, but her father beaten you hard and locked under the custody of a burglar at his house. Once you come back to the normal life you tries to escape from that house with the help of clues hidden over there. Click on the object to interact and solve the puzzles. Play enagames and have fun!!!

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